Poem Booth Rental Agreement


Supplier: VOUW BV, located at Krugerplein 4-1, 1021 KP Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Customer: Purchaser of the Poem Booth, an interactive installation by VOUW BV that creates poems from photos.


  • VOUW BV is a leading provider of innovative technological art installations and the developer of the Poem Booth, an interactive installation that generates poems partly based on users' photos.

  • Customer information such as full name, contact details, and any additional information is collected upon order confirmation, invoice payment, or delivery confirmation.

  • The customer intends to rent the Poem Booth for an agreed period at the price stated in the sent invoice to which this agreement applies.

  • The customer wishes to utilize the unique features of the Poem Booth to offer visitors an interactive experience.

  • VOUW BV is responsible for the delivery, installation, and operation of the Poem Booth, provided that certain operational aspects such as the internet connection are arranged by the customer.

  • Both parties recognize the importance of clear agreements regarding payment, liability, intellectual property, and the procedure in case of any disputes.

Customer Obligations

The customer commits to providing the following information and facilities to ensure the successful implementation and operation of the Poem Booth:

  • Full name and contact details of the customer, including a primary contact person for the duration of the agreement and any additional requested information (such as the design of the poems and subjects of the poems that deserve special attention).

  • A suitable location and the necessary infrastructure, including an adequate power outlet and a stable internet connection.

Article 1: Scope of Delivery

1.1 The delivery includes the Poem Booth consisting of a cabinet with a screen, camera, a button, and optionally a printer. The software for generating poems is also included.

1.2 VOUW BV is responsible for the installation, including connecting the Poem Booth to power and the internet, provided that the functioning of the internet is the responsibility of the customer.

Article 2: Timeline and Installation

2.1 The agreed start time implies that the Poem Booth is operational, provided all conditions are met. The end date and time indicate the dismantling.

2.2 After installation, it is assumed that the installation has been satisfactorily completed unless the customer immediately indicates otherwise.

Article 3: Installation Requirements

3.1 The customer must ensure a functional internet connection via Ethernet or a secured Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi networks with login screens and additional usernames are not supported.

3.2 A working power outlet of 220-240 volts must be available near the installation site of the Poem Booth.

Article 4: Payment Terms

4.1 Payment of 100% of the costs must be made in advance.

4.2 In case of cancellation, €50.00 administration and cancellation fees will be charged. Cancellations within 20 days before the reservation date will incur an additional cost of 50% of the rental price. For cancellations less than 48 hours before the reservation date, the customer is obliged to pay 100% of the rental price.

Article 5: Intellectual Property

5.1 VOUW B.V. retains full ownership rights of the Poem Booth, including all rights to the software and design. Customers renting the Poem Booth are granted a temporary license to use the software and design for the rental period. As far as copyrights on the generated poems are concerned, they belong to VOUW B.V. and/or the poet who contributed to creating the prompts. The customer receives a non-exclusive license to use the poems.

5.2 The customer has the right to create and use images of the Poem Booth for promotion and publicity related to the event for which the Poem Booth is rented. If the organization wishes to use the work otherwise, additional agreements will be made.

Article 6: Maintenance and Support

6.1 If a printer is ordered, a representative on behalf of VOUW BV will be present to replace the print rolls if necessary. Otherwise, support is limited to installation and dismantling unless otherwise agreed.

Article 7: Liability and Damage

7.1 VOUW BV is not liable for external short circuits, power failures, and/or internet issues.

7.2 VOUW BV is not liable for reactions or feelings of users who may feel offended by the content generated by the Poem Booth. It is the customer's responsibility to manage this risk and take measures to support visitors if necessary.

7.3 Damage caused by the customer or by 'force majeure' falls outside the responsibility of VOUW BV, except for negligence by the customer in preventing damage. The customer is responsible for immediately informing VOUW BV of any damage.

7.4 After delivery of the Poem Booth, it will be jointly inspected for damage by a VOUW BV installer and the customer.

Article 8: Privacy and Security

8.1 Data Processing: When using the Poem Booth, photos are temporarily processed to generate an anonymous description used for creating a personalized poem. The original photo is temporarily stored on a secure server and is automatically deleted within 24 hours after creation.

8.2 Accessibility and Destruction: The generated poems and associated anonymous descriptions may be used to improve the functionality of the Poem Booth. Each poem linked to a photo is only accessible via a unique QR code that is available on the Poem Booth for 30 seconds immediately after use. The photo along with the poem is permanently deleted after one hour, similar to the work of a photographer at events, where the photos are deleted after the event.

8.3 Customer Information Obligation: The customer is responsible for informing visitors and guests about the operation of the Poem Booth. This includes the temporary nature of the photo storage and the “poem generation” process.

Article 9: Termination and Retrieval

9.1 VOUW BV reserves the right to retrieve the Poem Booth if it is used under harmful conditions, without compensation to the customer, after first issuing a warning.

Article 10: Miscellaneous Provisions

10.1 This agreement is governed by Dutch law.

10.2 All disputes arising from this agreement will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.


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